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Customer service

  After sale service management system

  The product technical service department of the company has a professional engineer to provide the service of the whole day. It is responsible for providing technical support and after sales service to the customers to provide timely and effective time.

  Company staff have a responsibility to record customer feedback, full mobilization, good customer complaints, reflecting the attitude of service customers.

  Feedback problem and processing procedure, until the customer is confirmed.

  For more than the time limit failed to solve the problem, and gradually improve the level of alarm, until the general manager personally intervene.

Customer service - service commitments

  (1), after sale installation

  Free installation, commissioning and training: training for the equipment of the basic structure, performance and main components of the structure and principle of the main content, daily operation, maintenance and management, and fault excluded, emergency treatment.

  (2), the scope and time of the guarantee

  Warranty coverage is the company's products to customers.

  Product since the date of receipt, the acceptance of the equipment, the equipment warranty period of 1 years, life-long maintenance.

  In a month, the human is not for the failure of the new machine.

 (3), response time

  After the failure of equipment, response within 2 hours, if within 48 hours failed to effectively solve, provided free of charge with the grade of the equipment to the hospital for temporary use, the replacement parts are original parts.

  (4) active care measures

  Provide complete technical details of the operation manual, maintenance manual and technical documentation, etc.